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Figure 28 - Interview with Dr. Jadin video

A.- Battling against late staged Lyme (chronic Lyme). 

Ten years ago I had my third child. I had no health issues at the time, but after the birth, my immunity was not as strong anymore. 6 months later, I blocked my back when carrying my baby's Maxy-cosy. My back was better but after a few weeks, I suddenly had flu-symptoms and an infected eye. It also passed. But after that, I started feeling intense pain in my muscles, articulations and in my lower back especially. At first I thought the cause was my lower back where I have some damaged discs due to intensive sport practice. According to different doctors advices and MRI's, the damage in my spine could explain the pain but after a few weeks with the correct exercice and medication, everything would be fine. Surgery was certainly not an option. So I acted accordingly to the doctors advices. I followed different treatments that doctors claimed would help me find better mobility again, but these only made things worse. Weeks and months passed with no improvement, at contrary my health got worse. The pain was difficult to describe, but it generally felt very tense and inflammatory, to the point where I could hardly leave my bed. For around three years my situation did not improve and the pain only kept being more intense. It was not only my back but also my neck that I could hardly move. My head was weighting like hundred tons on my shoulders. Sometimes I woke up during the night due to pain in my ankles too. I wasn't able anymore to continue my professional activity. 

I went from doctor to doctor (Othopedist, rheumatologist, neurologist, ...) to find someone who could understand my situation and diagnose me correctly. I did all the blood and imagary test they prescribed.  I hoped they would be able to prescribe adequate treatment that would allow me to go back to my normal life but none were able to give me a concrete and accurate explanation of why I experienced such pains. Some even said it was all in my head and inexistent. One doctor said it could have to do with an infection, like Lyme disease. I tested positive on Lyme disease and was given three weeks of antibiotics. The doctor said that if my situation didn't improve, the cause had to be searched elsewhere...Nothing changed. As it was my only hope left I kept searching for a Lyme-disease specialist in Belgium. At first I contacted the main university hospitals in Belgium, but all of them told me that as it seemed to be a late stage lyme disease, no treatment could be given as none seemed to have been proven effective.  

It is only after these three horrendous years that I met with Dr. Cécile Jadin. The first thing she did, was listen to my story to identify relevant aspects of my history that could indicate a possible infection and do some blood tests. Not long after we concluded that I was positive on Lyme disease that had developed into chronic Lyme, but I also had Rickettsia, toxoplasmose and Chlamydia.  Very rapidly she suggested concrete treatments with antibiotics at specific interval, to target the germ when it was most active in the body. This would allow the antibiotics to be specifically targeted at the germs and not the healthy cells of the body, as well as a better recovery to ensure the treatment is sustainable. For the past three years I have been following Dr. Cécile Jadin's treatment and slowly but continuously results appeared. I was able to keep up with conversations at diner, I could participate in the activities with my family, spend time with my children, and any other things that previously seemed impossible. There still is a long way to go, but the treatment has proven all its efficiency. 

L. - Patient successfully cured from early staged Lyme. 

Two years ago, at the age of 13, I went to a doctor for a usual blood test. Like every year, at scouts camp, I had been exposed to densely tick populated woods. My parents felt the need to make sure everything was ok, because at the time people started to worry more about the diseases tick could spread. I felt nothing in particular, and hadn't noticed any marks on my body that could indicate a tick bite. My condition was stable, and there were no signs of me being ill. However,  after my blood test, doctors had a slight concern on the results they received and observed anomalies in my blood's properties. The possible diagnosis of early staged Lyme was then presented by doctors. They considered the fact I went to scouts camp and the symptoms I presented and diagnosed Lyme disease. My parents were quite worried as they knew that this could become more serious if not treated. We then immediately started the recommended treatment for early staged Lyme. I was prescribed quite intense doses of antibiotics but for only a short period of time. After a few weeks of antibiotics, when checking at the clinic, there were no more traces of the infection. I do feel quite lucky that I was diagnosed so rapidly and that doctors could treat it so quickly because I know that many others have not had this chance and now suffer from serious problems due to this infection. I have no secondary effects from the disease and I am fully healthy again. 

Son of Chronic Lyme disease patient

Ten years ago when my mom first started to present symptoms of fatigue and muscle pain, I was so young I wasn't really capable of realizing how much it would impact her life, and our  family. When I was about 6 my mom wasn't capable of doing much with us anymore. She had to stay in her bed because she wasn't capable of moving anymore. I remembered both my grandmothers being a lot at our house to help my mom out. They came to take us from school and drove us to a lot of our sportive activities. This lasted about three years, three years where we saw little improvement. I don't remember much what happened afterwards, but she started to get slowly better, and when she first met with Dr. Jadin she was confident things would improve, and indeed they did. Over 2 years of time she got a lot better and our family started to do a lot more activities again. We then moved and things continued to improve, with some ups and downs. Sometimes things were quite good, and my mom did a lot more with us, but then suddenly her pain revived. This has now been occuring for about 3 years were suddenly things get worse, and it takes tramendous effort to again rest and wait for things to stabalize again. Looking back at our situation, I strongly wished that we were better informed on Lyme disease. I wish we could have spotted the symptoms earlier and treat the disease when we still could, because now it has been very hard to get our family to where it was before. 

A-M. - Patient of Dr. Cécile Jadin diagnosed with acute Lyme disease and Chronical Lyme disease.


About 7/8 years ago I started feeling not very well.

I felt tired, I continuously had headaches, slowly everything became very hard.

I started to have a lot of difficulties to think, to coordinate my thoughts and at the end I couldn’t even drive my car. I had also a lot of pain in my legs, I was really stiff, walking became complicated particularly after long periods of being seated and then having to start walking again. My head was like in a cloud with a lot of tinnitus.

I consulted several doctors, did a lot of exams and analyses, but no doctor was able to find anything, they said it was in my head. Until one day I had one more blood test, by chance I asked to test for Lyme disease. And it was positive for acute Lyme disease as well as Chronicle Lyme disease. But no doctor I knew treated Chronicle lyme disease. I was desperate. It is then that thanks to my niece that I asked to meet with Dr. Jadin about 2 1/2 years ago. I follow her treatment now for two years and a half, and I’m really grateful because she helped me a lot. Quite quickly it started to get better. I could again do different things like writing, driving for short distances, my thoughts were less confused, I dared to travel again...

Now I am much better, but I’m still not totally rid of that illness. Some days are better than other. I must also say that the treatment with antibiotics is relatively heavy for the digestive tracts.

Belgian patient - Patient of Dr. Cécile Jadin diagnosed with Lyme disease 

One day in May 2017, all of a sudden, I started having strong joint pain behind my right knee. I did not fall, nor did I do any particular intense exercise that could have potentially explained the pain. The pain was not constant, but daily it was going back and forth. Progressively it impacted other parts of my right leg and then my left leg. In four weeks’ time, I could hardly walk. I visited several specialists, including key opinion leaders in orthopedy, neurology, rheumatology and infectious diseases, I also did various blood tests and medical exams, including 6 different MRIs, but none of these specialists could provide me with a diagnostic or some guidance to where I should be looking for. One of them mentioned I had this kind of neuropathic pain that can’t be explained. The last specialist, whom I met, told me I had to take a series of kinesiotherapy sessions to recover, but when I challenged her about the expected success level of her recommended treatment and whether she had ever seen a patient with similar symptoms, she admitted she did not know. In the meantime, the joint pain was very acute all over my legs, I was sitting all day on a chair and had other symptoms which at that time I did not know there were interconnected: I was sweating heavily overnight, I felt extremely tired and on occasion, I had this kind of very strange brain fog as if I was drunk. These symptoms kept me paralyzed for months, I could not follow my family on their daily journey. I kept working as I felt this was the only thing I could still do, yet on a reduced mode. I also continued visiting regularly my GP who was committed to help me out. After months of research and reading, he asked me to take yet another blood sample as he got convinced it could only be Lyme and I was positive. I finally got a diagnostic, then started another long period to find a physician with expertise on Lyme as there aren’t many in Belgium and surrounding countries. Thanks to a friend, I got the privilege to meet with Dr Cécile Jadin. Dr Jadin immediately connected all the dots across the various symptoms I had at that time, she also made the link with other recurrent symptoms I had encountered over the past several years, that is a severe back pain at the level of the sacroiliac joints for which I never got a clear diagnostic, yet every 6 to 8 months, I was lying in bed for several days because of the pain and went through radiofrequency ablation treatment, a procedure that uses radio waves to heat and destroy nerves. Dr Jadin also did a detailed blood analysis and diagnosed various forms of Lyme co-infections, such as different Rickettsia. I have now been following Dr Jadin’s treatment (7 days a month of antibiotics) for around two years, and I can say that slowly I have been progressing well. I don’t have all the above symptoms on a daily basis anymore, I feel them nearly only during my treatment weeks, or whenever I am relapsing as I am not managing my level of energy well. I can walk without crutches. I am not done with treatment yet as I still feel much the fatigue and I have these occasional periods of relapse, but I am fully confident that with Dr Jadin’s treatment, I am on the right track.

 Celebrety testamonials

Angeli Vanlaanen

"Angeli Vanlaanen is a ferociously talented, goal-oriented young woman. An avid skier since she could stand on two skis, the Washington-born athlete moved to Colorado the moment she graduated from high school in 2005 to pursue freeskiing professionally. That year and the next, she won contests at the Vermont Open, and garnered invitations to the 2007, 2008 and 2009 X Games. She’s brought home gold medals from the World Cup and the New Zealand Open.

In constant pursuit of new challenges, Angeli completed the Alaska Heli Guide Course in 2010. Soon after, she became the first female athlete to spin over the legendary Mt. Baker Road Gap. The powerful Olympic contender was featured on the cover of Skiing Magazine in November of 2011.

Angeli maintained an active lifestyle despite years of unexplained health problems that began when she was ten years old. She experienced bouts of intense fatigue, fainting spells and migraines, among a variety of mysterious symptoms. Many physicians, specialists and misdiagnoses later, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease at the age of 24. Angeli describes the harrowing years of unexplained ill health on her blog, Living with Lyme: “Unfortunately, my story of going years undiagnosed is all too common.” She attributes her years of misdiagnosis in part to growing up on the West Coast: “…in Washington state, Lyme disease was not on anyone’s radar.”

After 2 ½ half years of aggressive treatment, Angeli is symptom-free. Her mission is to spread awareness about Lyme disease—particularly among youth. Angeli produced and starred in Lymelight, a film chronicling her experience battling Lyme while maintaining a competitive lifestyle (which you can see below). She acts as spokeswoman for Lymelight Foundation in Burlingame, CA.

Angeli competed in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi on the US Olympic Ski Team, halfpipe." (“Angeli Vanlaanen.” Bay Area Lyme Foundation, )

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