Globally spreading, infecting millions, and still unkown.

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Introduction to Tick spread diseases

The old saying “size does not matter” can be applied in many contexts. In this case, let's interpret it through a scientific perspective, and dive into the world of micro-organisms. “the tick, as small as it may seem, is in reality a biological bomb, loaded with a phenomenal quantity of micro-organisms, spirochetes and other parasites.” Book by Dr. Cécile Jadin page 128.

Micro-organisms like humans and animals are in a constant hustle to survive. To do so, they feed, adapt and reproduce, to ensure the subsistence of their specie. Most micro-organisms remain unnoticed by human beings, due to their extreme small size; yet they represent about 60% of all life on earth, and outnumber our cells 10 to 1. They come in 6 different forms: Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Protozoa, Algae and Archaea. What maintains our body healthy, is the complex balance between the cells of our body, and the microbes. Each have their own role and importance to support life on earth. However, in specific conditions some can cause us serious harm. This happens when micro-organisms encounter our body, which they see as a potential host. When an imbalance emerges, the dominant cells reproduce increasingly faster; hindering the natural and healthy functioning of the human organism. Their interaction with the existing cells in our body, lead to the different problems we associate to them.

The micro-organisms that will be relevant to tick spread diseases, will be intracellular organisms. These types of micro-organisms reproduce by invading their host’s cells, destroying their microcindria and causing an internal leaking which lies at the origin of our symptoms.

Our vision 

Through this website "Lyme | Tickbom by Rodolphe Filaine on Lyme disease", we hope to provide you with the necessary understanding, to redeem the current incorrect scientific understanding surrounding this disease. We judge that patients have too frequently been overlooked, and have not received a concrete explanation on their cases. Treating this infection is truthfully like going to war, and you only win wars by knowing who/what you are fighting. Like the famous Chinese philosopher and military strategist Sun Tzu said: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Unfortunately many patients have been losing their war, because of them being misinformed by their doctors. They may know themselves, but they do not know their enemies, and their defeats against these germs have continiously impacted their lives. We have therefore made it our mission to ensure our society can bounce back and take the necessary measures to help those in need. 

Along the pages of this website you will be provided with all the necessary information on Lyme and tick spread diseases. We believe that even though Lyme disease in particular has received some mediatization over the past few years, the extend of tick borne diseases stretches much further than only Lyme. Our ambition is to provide you with a true insight on efficient treatments prescribed by Dr. Cécile Jadin; developed from years of research and investigation.

Through her passion, perseverance, and the support of her father's previous work, Dr. jadin understands the complexity of tick borne diseases, providing a true and clear picture to her patients. This website will provide all the necessary elements needed to avoid the misconception spread by many other sources, yet the knowledge aquired by Dr. Jadin stretches much further into complex details of the disease and its interaction with our organism. This page will give a great overview on tick borne diseases, including chronical infections and Lyme Boreliosis. The information provided is based on the extensive research conducted by a greatly renown doctor, Dr. Cécile Jadin.

Along with this crucial understanding on what the disease consists of, as well as what to consider when trying to diagnose a patient with a tick borne infection, this website will explain all the measures of precaution to take to avoid getting infected. It will explain what to wear, what to consider when trekking in forests, how ticks live and why they end up on our skin. The prevention page, will describe methods of effective tick removal, to avoid leaving the head of this tick inside the skin, and the increased risks of further infection. With the support of Dr Cécile Jadin, the website includes a unique explenation on a vastly innovative and effective treatment process. A treatment that is tailored to the patient, considers the activity status of the germs and use a combination of antibiotics to more effectively strike the infection and permanently remove it from the human organsim.